yitzhak rabin

Testimonies - The Yitzhak Rabin Murder

Moshe Efron, police officer interrogated by police investigator Moshe Kachlon:
" Suddenly there was an explosion to my left...it sounded like a firecracker or something similar... I heard shouts, 'They're dummies, they're dummies' ... at 9:30."

Amnon Tsuri, civilian interrogated by Police Superintendant Arie Tsuk:
"The shots sounded like they came from a - 22 caliber pistol or a cap gun."

Yitzhak Rabin bodyguard number four (Shin Gimmel) interrogated by Police Investigator Yoav Ganot:
"As I walked ahead of the prime minister I heard three shots. Someone shouted. 'It's not real, it's not real.' I heard no cries of pain from the prime minister or his bodyguard and detected no signs of blood whatsoever."

Yossi Herush, driver, interrogated by Police Investigator Ofir Gamliel:
"I heard three shots and someone yelling three times, 'It was nothing!'...The killer's reenactment on tv wasn't accurate. He came from the left side where the public phones are."

Policeman Avi Yahav, interrogated by Superintendant Emil Elhara
I heard a muffled explosion behind me...the shooter was still shouting: 'I fired blacks, it's nothing, I fired blanks'."

Policeman Ronen Amran interrogated by Chief Superintendant Tzahi Hefetz:
"It didn't sound like a real shots, more like a firecracker", Question: did you see the PM get hurt from the shots? Answer: No I did not see him get hurt because as I said before the explosions didn't sound like gun shots so I kept my view to the front, I thought someone blew a firecracker. The suspect kept quiet as we forced him to the wall. There one of the bodyguards asked him if the bullets were fake. As I recall, he replied that the whole thing was 'nothing', that he said: 'I did my job and now you do yours'." Policman Avi Yahav said the same thing: "He told us: 'you do your job, I already did mine'."

Now we get to the most surprising testimony of them all, a real shocker:

Policeman Eran Boaz interrogated by Chief Superintendant Aharon Gunebman:
"The shots sounded like caps...I heard someone say, 'It wasn't real, it was nothing'..."
"...I immediately noticed a man sitting on the ledge of the side door of a GMC van...I know it was the guy who shot Yitzhak Rabin because his face stayed sharp n my memory because he was very conspicuous and did not belong to any of the security personal and was not wearing uniform... I asked my friend Moti if he knows who the guy is and Moti said that it's allright, that he's an undercover cop. I didn't ask him how he knew". "About 15 minutes later, a policeman came and asked us if we knew who was that guy sitting on the GMC. I went to him and told him that my friend Moti said he was undercover. Moti told me I shouldn't have burned the guys cover". "I wish to stress something important. A half hour before...I saw another guy arriving...he stood out from the rest of the security and police who were all with uniforms. This guy went straight to the man sitting on the van, put his hand on the killer's shoulder and they spoke briefly". "I also remember one of the security guys talking to the killer, I can't remember who he was".